This is a documentation of sorts, of an Individuation process– one’s learning to hold the tension of the opposites…

Even the most elemental knowledge of oneself is something that most people resist with the greatest determination. Usually it is only when we are in a state of great pain or confusion, and only self-knowledge offers a way out, that we are willing to risk our cherished ideas of what we are like in a confrontation with the truth, and even then many people prefer to live a meaningless life rather than to go through the often disagreeable process of coming to know themselves.   ~John B. Sanford

There is no sense talking about “being true to myself” until you are sure what voice you are being true to. It takes hard work to differentiate the voices in the unconscious…we are challenged to break the old boundaries and leap beyond anything we ever imagined. ~Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity

wise words for the month ahead: February Nightlight Newsletter by Chuck Spezzano, PhD (LINK)
For those of you who are new to this stuff, it might sound pretty out there. But don’t let that stop you from getting the over all message; look at the forest, instead of fixating on the trees..



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