dreams 10/8

These dreams are a good sign I think.

In a house/apartment. My place. I’m downstairs in the basement, organizing, clearing things out. I go upstairs and my mom is there with friends. She’s got some kind of event. She didn’t tell me about it or that they were all coming in. They just swoop in.

I go back down into the basement. Part of my living space with M is down there. I notice there are more rooms. I walk into a sort of foyer that has rooms extending off of it. I think it would make a great reading room for M. I notice there are bedrooms and bathrooms. I wonder if they are for our use or part of another apartment. I look out of a window of one of the rooms onto the grounds and I notice that there are plush silk throws everywhere in kind of a deep purplish/magenta color with silver and gold flecks in the fabric. They are draped all over the property which has the feel of an old castle or estate. It’s night-time outside and it feels kind of magical.

I go back upstairs (it’s day out) and my mom is still there with her friends. I am so angry. I have asked them to leave, I told them they never talked to me about being there or doing this event there. No on is listening. Finally I scream, “EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT! THIS IS MY PLACE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”

They leave.

I wake feeling that this was a pretty good dream. That I’m making progress.



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