dreams 10/9

Dreamed last night of a baby. A baby boy and a puppy.

M and I were going to hike into a forest. It was getting dark and possibly going to rain or something. We came to the beginning of the path and there was a cabin there. M advised that we stay in the cabin, but I thought we should go into the forest. We ventured in. It started getting darker and the ground was covered with slushy snow. We got to a tent…a small blue and grey tent. We had a child, our child, a baby boy and a puppy. The tent was floppy and the snow was like ice and very slushy. We weren’t scared or upset, but it was a bit challenging and I was worried about the baby being cold.

Then I was at an apartment. I guess it was C’s and my apartment. The baby was ours. He was a beautiful baby boy. Olive skin and dark hair. I was so happy. I said, “Oh I have a beautiful little Chilean boy.” I looked into the baby’s eyes and I felt confident about raising a boy.

This part of the dream is a little choppy. There was a moment where I wasn’t home. I was out at work, maybe on a job in Europe or something. I felt worried, like I had forgotten that I had a child. I went back to the apartment to check on him and stayed and then realized how much my life had changed. That I would need always to be with the baby and watch after him for the rest of my life. I realized that everything had changed.

More choppiness…something about explaining what base powder does to balance acidity in the body, but how the powder is more effective than simply taking mineral vitamins because it doesn’t have any binders.

Also…something about that apartment. Men coming to work on it, but I didn’t know when or how exactly. They just let themselves in and I was uncomfortable about that.


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