Active Imagination 2

Next we are at a cabin on the bank of a river. There is dense forest surrounding the cabin and his mother is there, in the front yard, on the grassy lawn that borders the river. She is alive and well, she has color in her face. She is wearing a simple prairie dress and her hair is pulled back in a bun. Light brown hair. She is smiling and waving to us.

We are in a canoe. A long narrow canoe. We can feel the coolness of the water chilling the bottom of the canoe every so slightly. Is is late afternoon. The sun is up, but the forest shades us. We are lying there, side by side, facing each other, nestled in the boat. I have a birds eye view of us. It is a picture. I am excited. He is still a bit mopey, but he is with me in the boat. I say, “I wonder where we are going?” He does not reply. We look at each other. I am still only watching this from above.

The story has been stopped here for some time. I wonder if it is because I am so afraid of taking the next step for myself.


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