World Weary Woman

“Adept at hypervigilance, with a history of loss, she quickly scans the environment in which she finds herself. World weary woman knows she must find a more peaceful way to move, but she presses on. Her instinctual knowing slips unnoticed into the background. All this happens so quickly that there is no palpable pause between instinctual wisdom and action.  Too quickly filling the abyss between what she senses and what she does the healing space is lost.

It is in this very imperceptible pause, if cultivated and nourished, that world weary woman’s healing may reside. The analytic process can offer such moments during which to step from ‘doing’ into ‘being’. Such an immersion brings terror before redemption, for she must face the space she fears, yet needs.”
Cara Baker, “World Weary Woman, Her Wound And Transformation” pg 37

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