tenderness for the world weary woman

she may be weary
women they do get wearied
wearing that same old shaggy dress
but when she gets weary
try a little tenderness

I know she’s waiting
just anticipating
the thing that you’ll never, never possess
but while she’s there waiting without them
just try a little bit of tenderness

it’s not sentimental
she has her griefs and care
but soft words, they are spoken so gently,
it makes it easier to bear

you won’t regret it
and she won’t forget it
love is her whole happiness
its all so easy
all you’ve got to do
is try a little tenderness

know how to love her;
hold her, squeeze her,
never leave her
and just try a little tenderness

* * * *
This song is credited to Connelly, Woods & Campbell, and famously sung by Otis Redding. In reading the World Weary Woman, I thought of this song. I thought about what an oasis it has always been when I’ve heard it. My body relaxes, I feel seen, understood…that there’s hope for me yet. If one person (or four: Connelly, Woods & Campbell & Redding!) understands this, then perhaps there can be more. When I think, “what would help in this situation?”, it is always love. It is always compassion. It is always tenderness.

When a man has the strength to reach into the fire towards his beloved and simply hold her in her pain, simply love her, simply show her that he is there and she is safe and she can let go, it is the greatest beauty, a glorious gift of gold. It heals generations of women and heartache and pain. It reunites us to the Source, it balances the forces of Masculine and Feminine so each can fall into their natural place and flow where they shine the most and embody the most power in their truth and true spirit. He tells her with his body, with his love, “I am the Masculine, let go and fall into your Feminine Grace.”

This happens within us. In fact, if we find that our beloved is not reaching out to us, we can use that to consider if we are even reaching out to ourselves. We have so many negative voices. So much harsh negative Animus telling us we aren’t doing it right, we aren’t good enough…even that our feeling and intuition is wrong. In those moments, can we reach out to ourselves? Can we summmon the Great Mother and try a little tenderness? Can we reach into our own fire and take off the shaggy dress, put down our roles and expose our beautiful and wounded selves? Naked, can we curl up into the mountain and nourish our souls with the riches of earth? There is the golden light of the sun and there is the golden light of the luminous treasure that is always found buried in a deep, dark cave.

I’ve often found that it is precisely when we turn to our Feminine that the Masculine responds. When we see her, when we cherish her, when we honor her, we find what we need within, and it is reflected without. Truth begets truth. Love begets love and every energy falls into it’s rightful place, falls into natural rhtyhm, falls into Tao.

The Goddess lets her robes fall open and flowers bloom.





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