Dream 4/2/12


Last night’s dreams

A cabin in the woods. So many people. A warm, inviting atmosphere. Men and women. Safe.

As I was walking into the cabin from outdoors a text came in from A…something complimentary or lovey, but also vague. I kind of brushed it off and didn’t reply, not feeling compelled to and feeling like there was nothing to say.

N was there. There was a moment with him. He had been playing records and climbed down the ladder/steps from the loft where he was playing records. It was very warmly lit up there. I can’t remember what he said to me, but it was friendly and there was some chemistry between us.

At another point in the dream, I was outside, on a carriage of some sort. A horse drawn carriage or a snow mobile kind of thing. With M and another girl, maybe T. M was behind me and I was behind T…sitting like we would on a horse or a motorcycle. M had a salve/chapstick kind of thing and she said I needed some and proceeded to rub it on my cheek bones and near my eyes. I realized it was make-up…pigmented…fake dirt and I didn’t want it on my face. It was kind of frosted (kind of like the stuff my mom makes!!!) and I told her to stop, but she kept rubbing and it made my skin sore. I made her stop and then I turned to her and said…”the next time you are touching me in any way and I tell you t stop, you’d better STOP, otherwise it is rape!” I remember feeling good about having put this Animus woman in her place. I thought about the encounter as I walked back to the cabin an felt good about having handled it.

There was another scene in a dance studio. I was taking dance class with a bunch of other women. There must have been about 20 of us. We were really into the class and we were learning a dance. I loved it and I was doing all kinds of involved stretches and positions with my body. We wore black leotards that were kind of knitted. They had texture. There were plants in the dance studio and pale blue green tiles. It felt a little bit like and Art Nouveau green house or something….a cross between that and a regular dance studio. I woke up feeling like all of my positive archetypes had suddenly emerged. An army of guides and life force.


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