Dream 4/7/12


Last nights (or this morning’s?) dreams:

I was in a house, my house…but it was kind of newly mine. I was still figuring out where to put stuff and getting my bedroom set up, etc…M was there at one point and we were looking at a closet with his stuff in it figuring out where would be a better place to put it, but that it fit there okay for now, even though it was pushing the door open a little bit. It was a modern house, open and flowing with the outdoors, which were verdant.

I was in my room, going to go take a shower and go in the swimming pool maybe. Everyone else there was going to be going out, so I would have the place to myself. I got a text from J…something about music, but it was kind of curt and I thought, “Oh he and K must have had a fight.”  Then K comes bursting into my room. There is a door in the room that leads to a staircase to the rest of the house. I asked her please not to do that anymore since it was now my room. She seemed a little annoyed like, “Well I can’t undo what I just did!” She was dressed to go out for the day. She told me she and J had a fight and I said I had thought so cause he sent me a text and his words were very short.

I proceeded to go the shower next to the swimming pool. There was another lady there with K who I guess also lived or used to live at the house. It seemed like they weren’t going to be leaving. I was frustrated by that. I asked if they’d mind if I took a shower (i.e. does anyone need to use the bathroom before I take a shower?). I went in and I could see the swimming pool from the bathroom. I noticed it was filled with new floaty chairs. They were really cool and colorful. They kind of looked like they were intended for kids. Each one was a little armchair with an inflatable balloon attached to it. The balloons hadn’t been blown up yet, but the balloon part was really colorful. Oranges and pinks, striped and stuff. There were a lot of them. There was orange in the bathroom too, like my bathing suit.

Waiting to remember more…


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