Dream 4/11/12


Last night’s dreams…

I was in a room that was part of a dormitory or hotel. Lots of people staying there. In the room with me were three or four other musicians. Playing jazz. I picked up a tenor sax and started playing along with them and I was really good. It was completely intuitive. I was playing the most beautiful lines and runs and it all worked with what the other musicians were playing. I was amazed that I had never played it before and was able to play so well. I was thinking in my head, “WOW! You guys!! Do you know I’ve NEVER played sax before??” I was very impressed. I started thinking that I wanted to get a sax, that that was my instrument. Also, I was a little worried about being to loud because it was rather late at night. In fact I was sitting on my bed while I was playing, but I just couldn’t and didn’t want to stop.

I’m not sure if this part of the dream was related, maybe it was in the swimming pool to the hotel/dormitory. Lots of people at this indoor pool. Kind of a party going on. There was also some kind of shoot going on with my mom. I was to do her make-up. We were looking for a place where we could set up to do it. I was accentuating her lash line (as I did yesterday in waking, real life). There was a bit of time pressure to get it done.

In the pool area, people were swimming and high diving. It was a big pool and the room had VERY high ceilings…like 30 or 40 foot high ceilings. The pool had this sort of amusement park rig. People would go all the way to the top of the ceiling and strap into these bunjee things. Then they would drop, face down (like when you sky dive)…free fall and stop just above the surface of the water and then get plopped into the pool. Everyone was having so much fun with it and taking turns. There were two women in the mix that I knew really well. One of them was kind of like K. They were very relaxed, indulging in the food and cakes that were there for the party. The cakes were kind of like wedding cakes…white almond cake with white frosting. They were trying both kinds between them. K was lying in this big refrigerator that hovered over the pool, eating her piece of cake before she was to go on the bunjee thing. I suppose it seems weird that she was lounging in the refrigerator, but she was very relaxed…like a lazy cat. At one point a group bunjee jumped together…three or four people at once. It was quite a spectacle and very fun.


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