Dreams 4/15/12


Last night’s dreams

They are a big foggy now, but the first dream was related to my mother. I was on a photo shoot. There to do her make-up. I noticed that in my lips palate, there were only the pastels. The vibrant colors were missing. I was upset about this and wondered how and when they got scooped out. I opened the palate and thought, “where are all of my bright colors?!” I’m not sure the order of events, but my mom was being difficult, argumentative and just really upsetting me. It was very stressful.

In the next dream, I was with C. We were naked and fooling around. Engaging in sexual play. It was not highly charged sexually, but very happy and fun. Safe, friendly and warm. We were in a bedroom that was relatively well lit. The colors in the room were cream and warm orange. At some point, I wondered if we were going to have actual intercourse. Then Dr. Masters (Robert Augustus Masters) was there with us, sitting a bit behind me on the edge of the bed. He had one leg up on the bed (like sitting in half lotus) and one dangling over the edge of the bed. He didn’t speak, but felt like a guide, energetically. He wasn’t there the whole time. Off and on, C and I would start laughing and stop making out and then re-engage. We did end up going into intercourse and that’s all I remember. The skin touching skin felt very nice and soft and warm.



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