Dreams 4/16/12

I was in India at a little family owned restaurant. There was a girl there who was about 12 years old. She took me upstairs to this little loft where there was a garment rack of clothing. She wanted me to chose something to wear, as if we were preparing for something. Then a man came in, some kind of soldier or guard. She was to go with him. He had an automatic weapon and it kind of made me nervous. I said, “yes, by all means, she should go with you!” The girl left with him dutifully and without hesitation.

I walked into the next room and M was in there being dressed. We had to Russian men, probably in their 30’s, getting us dressed and prepared. The guy that was helping M had him all dressed in a captain’s blue, wide ribbed turtleneck sweater, tucked into dark blue jeans and suspenders. He looked tall and handsome and gorgeous. He looked so handsome that it was almost upsetting to me because I felt weak. I looked at his crotch and I could see the bump of his penis under his jeans. It looked small and I found that curious. I asked the man who was escorting me if we could have the sweater because it looked so amazing on M. He didn’t think that would be possible because it was government issue. He began walking me down the hall to take me to a different floor of this mall where I was going to be dressed. I continued to ask him about the sweater saying that there must be some way we could buy one to take home with us. He wasn’t sure.

As we neared the elevator, I felt that my shoes were a bit stiff and hard to walk in. I asked him to wait a minute, telling him that I was just going to run to the cubby where my shoes were and switch them. (The shoes I had on were given to me…like when you go somewhere and they ask you to remove your outdoor shoes and provide others for you to wear while you’re there. Everyone had on these same shoes.) As I got to the cubby, I felt like it was taking too long and that I’d only be putting on my clogs which would only be a little less stiff, so I kept the shoes they had given me and went back to the elevator thinking that it would be fine and I could make do for a little while longer.



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