Dreams 4/17/12


This morning’s dreams…

M and I were at a vacation house and planning what to do. We mapped it out and realized if we walked all the way to the end of this path, we’d get to a beautiful beach. We agreed that that was a great plan and we were excited about it. We were going to do some errands and then meet up. I went ahead to the store and when I walked in, I found that in the lobby (it was a hotel) Wayne Dyer was giving a talk. I walked over to listen and I wanted M to come because I thought he would like it. I got out my phone to text him and the case on my phone made it look like the whole thing was made out of wood. It was like trying to text on a tree. I was having a difficult time typing the message and I couldn’t figure out how to send it. It was like my phone was a branch with carved out keys and the letters burned onto them. I started to think it had no cell service or electricity to actually send the message. I was wondering where my real phone was and picturing the beach where we were going to meet. I was getting frustrated with the phone and a little worried about time. I also wanted to take notes for the lecture. Everyone there around me was sitting on yoga mats and taking notes.





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