Dreams 5/5/12

Last night’s dreams:

The first scenario was a friend’s wedding.  I was a bride’s maid along with many other young women. We were in the bride’s dressing room, holding area and the dresses we were supposed to wear were there. The bride was afraid that they were ugly and we weren’t going to like them. They were a deep eggplant/wine color. Strapless, tight bodices with the bottom portion shaped like a pencil skirt. Around the skirt part were tiers of fur trim. I don’t know what kind of fur it was. I noticed that they looked a little bit like one of my prom dresses. They were certainly not understated, but the dark color gave them a rich quality. I didn’t think they were so bad and I told the bride that we loved them and they were pretty and they were going to look great. She had been nervous and worried.

The next day I was to continue my trip to another wedding in Arizona, flying Delta airlines. I had spent the day (in the dream it felt like I had been on a vacation, chilling out there for a few days) walking around. There were beaches near by. There was a vague scene in the room of a vacation house with M and his family. M and I had been staying there and we were going to go to the beach that day. But his family arrived and he sort of “sided” with them/ditched his plans with me. I didn’t like his family and the way they treated me and I didn’t like the feeling of being “put in the closet” so to speak. His cousin N particularly rubbed me the wrong way. I was hurt, disappointed, annoyed. I went walking by myself and started thinking about packing for the airport, getting my things together.

At some point I was out on the grounds of the hotel. There was a grassy hill with a reflecting pond (I think) and a big flat rock that I was sitting on. I had my computer and I was writing. I started to get worried about the time and I wasn’t sure when my flight was. I started searching through my computer to find my itinerary, but I could only find the itinerary for the first leg of the trip. I looked up at a clock and it was around 4:30. I was pretty sure my flight was around 6:30 and I would need a taxi and I needed to round up my bags, etc… I went to the hotel lobby for help getting on line to find my itinerary or for a phone number where I could call Delta. They gave me all these different 1-800 numbers and none of them got me through. M showed up at one point and tried to help too, but we couldn’t get any information. Then I thought for sure I had missed the flight and I gave up. But then I checked the clock again and saw that I had an hour and half before the flight. I asked the receptionists for a tax, but there were a ton of other people filing in, needing taxis for the airport. I was hoping someone would hear my situation and invite me to share a cab with them. I didn’t understand why they weren’t doing that, but  then I figured their cabs were probably already too full with people and suitcases.



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