dreams 5/15/12

Last night’s dreams:

In a house, my house. Or apartment. My house or apartment, maybe mine and M’s. We were just hanging out, being home. At some point I was talking on the phone with E.F. and I was supposed to invite him over. It seemed like maybe not the best time for M and I…like it would infringe on our quality time together and we might miss an opportunity to make love.

Next, E.F. was there. I walked into the kitchen and it had been all re-organized and a metro shelf was put in the perfect place. I loved it and I thought it was a genius idea. It was as if M had done it, but E.F. had done it too. It was interchangeable in the dream. I was so pleased with it. I couldn’t believe how much better it made the space. I was also really impressed that two people who are generally not that great at decorating and organizing had come up with it. I was so happy, pleased, grateful, impressed.

There was an Indian business man. I cant remember how exactly. He had on the typical polyester trousers and short sleeved button down shirt. A little heavy set.

Later, M was gone and C.G. was there. He was dressed in the Indian man’s clothes, but he was really portly. He came over, sort of like a replacement for M and we were going to make love. I was astounded at how chubby (FAT) he was. Even his legs were very large. It made me feel sad and concerned because C.G. has always been very fit and active.

Then I had the clothes on and I was fat. It was like a kind of fat suit. I was looking at my arms in the mirror and I though, “Even my arms have to be fat?!” I started taking it off and that was how I realized the clothes were all padded. I was in the back room, the bedroom and it had one of those closets that’s mirrored sliding doors.

Then I went to see M. I walked in and he was there with Kiva. His face was in the wall… like those amusement park walls with funny scenes painted on them that have a whole cut out for your to pop your face in. His face was in the wall like that, flush and profile, sideways. It was in the wall just above the couch and Kiva was on the couch talking to him. She was giving him some kind of advice. For some reason he had to receive the information in this position, profile, left side of his face flush with the wall. She was speaking into his left ear. I noticed his ear, which I like so much. I’m not sure what she was talking about, but I think it was economics. She was laughing a lot as if she found the whole thing quite humorous.

Later, I saw M texting on his phone. He was texting with a woman named Gwen. She was giving him financial advice. I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t understand why he hadn’t told me he was seeking financial advice from Gwen, who he knew through me. I wondered how long this had been going on. I also wondered why he hadn’t just asked me. I had more of that feeling that he doesn’t like to get help from me.

Then I was at an amusement park. I was going to go on this massive ferris wheel. I was really excited about it. I can’t remember if I was by myself or not. There were three floors that you could enter on. I gave my ticket and I started walking down the ramp on the first floor towards these double glass doors that led to the entry platform. Some other people went to the elevators to get on on the upper floors. But the entryway was straight ahead of me, so I kept going down the ramp. This man in front of me turned to go to the elevators and he looked back and me and said, “you do need to take the elevator to get on, I made the same mistake and regretted it very much”, meaning that he had walked onto the platform like I was going to and he couldn’t get on and then had to wait in line all over again. I thanked him and followed toward the elevators.

That’s all I can remember!



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