9/21/12 Dreams

This morning’s dreams…

I dreamed I was driving M’s van & the roads were covered in snow. I was having a hard time controlling the van and there was a slope to the road. The breaks were not very responsive. There was a small group of young boys walking in the road towards me. I was trying to get them to move out of the way. But the windows were up and they couldn’t hear me yell to them. They saw me, but they didn’t get out of the way. They assumed I would yield for them, but I couldn’t. At the last minute, they all managed to dodge me but one. He fell in front of the van and I thought “please, please, stay between the wheels!!” so that he wouldn’t be run over. I didn’t run over him, but it was so close and I was terrified that he would be hurt.

Next I was in the little town at the bottom of that hill. It was a brisk sunny day. There were lots of people out, milling, shopping, getting coffee and tea. I walked into a little shop and there was a man in there with his mother. He was in his mid 40’s. He was sort of handsome. Italian. He started talking to me. He took an interest in me and his mother was also interested in him being interested in me (i.e. for it). We spoke briefly and I wondered if he would actually be in touch or not. I think I spoke to him in Italian a bit. It wasn’t a strong connection, but piqued my interest a bit


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