Dreams 9/25/12

Last night’s dreams…

I was in a woman’s vintage clothing shop. It was very large and had quartered off rooms for different categories of things. I went into one room where there were a few things hanging that were protected under plastic (like dry cleaning). I looked at something that seemed interesting and then I looked at the price tag. It was about $5,000.00. I couldn’t believe it. I started studying the garment’s fabric and tailoring and brand name to see why it cost so much. As a vintage piece I figured that by now it was probably a one of a kind. I looked at another kind of cool t-shirt dress that was high priced too. That one I tried on. I kind of liked it. But I was just trying on things for fun and there was no way I would spend that kind of money anyway. Somehow when I put on the shirtdress, it replicated on me in blue. Almost like a carbon copy. I took off both pieces, but I didn’t know if I was entitled to keep the copy. I was hanging up the original dress when the woman came in. The shop was closing and I was putting things away. We chatted and I felt self-conscious about her seeing the dress copy because I didn’t know if it was okay for me to take it or not. I felt like it should be since it was not part of her inventory, etc…

I went out into the parking lot to get my suitcase out of my car. The car was a cute kind of outdated little hatch back or something like that. I think it was black. I was getting my suitcase and stuff organized for a train trip. The suitcase was like one of those large carry-on wheely cases. It was black and grey. The weather was a bit rainy and windy so I was trying to get everything quickly. Then I went into the train. It was very big and it had two floors. Part of the main floor was like a little department store with shoes and clothes and jewelry and souvenirs. As I walked through to get to my room (I had a sleeping cabin, like a very small hotel room) I was looking at all the things. I didn’t feel like buying anything and at that time the store was technically closed. I think I was traveling to my mom’s house, but the trip was going to be a few days. The store and the stairs up to my room were carpeted with a kind of ochre colored carpet. The hue in the room was very warm and golden. I went up to my room and started to get settled in for the trip. I felt good and I was looking forward to it.


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