Dreams 9/26/12

This morning’s dreams…

The first I remember was at my friend E’s house in S.F. I was there visiting her. She had an office in her home where she worked everyday and spent most of her time. It was downstairs and down a hallway. It had a spiral staircase leading to the main floor of the house above. It was carpeted with a kind of very light grey plus, wall to wall carpet. And the desk area was a kind of white melamine built in. Her computer was on the desk. It was a comfortable room. We could comfortably sit on the floor.

May different things were happening. At one point she and I were down there with girlfriends from San Francisco; L.F, S.J., S.C. and I think L.B.M, S.C. had some left over face paint on from a show she was in. She was complaining that K.G. had never been to a single performance, not even when she performed in HoH. I wondered if I had been living in HoH at the time and if I, too, was guilty of not attending. Then I said that K.G. had never been to one of my performances either. I wondered what it was like for S to be in this long running show with a troupe of performers. I thought about how hard it would be to maintain a relationship outside of that. S.J. had turned out to be a lesbian. We were all just hanging around in E’s room.

At another point in the dream, a lot of E’s family and I think even some of mine were there. E had just started a heated romance with and Spanish guy. She was really good at imitating his accent. They wrote hand written love letters back and forth to each other. I wished I had that kind of unabashed love, passion and romance. I couldn’t imagine what a love letter from M would even look like. I couldn’t imagine him thinking anything other than I was crazy, or that he would just simply not believe me if I were to write one to him. The idea made me feel terribly self conscious.

I do believe that in another dream there was a cobra. But I’m not 100% certain.


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