Lesson 4: part 2

Well, I did the lesson. I sat and thought about my situation for a good long while. And I prayed to my higher power to take it over, to release it, to flow through me. And it really had a miraculous effect! I was able to compose a letter to someone with whom it is nearly impossible to communicate these days, about very sticky things with so much clarity, self-love and love of other that it truly did feel like it came through me and not from me. I was amazed. I actually thought, “Where did that come from? How did I do that?” I felt confident and free. I didn’t even check my computer for a response (and I normally would do, anxiously and incessantly). As it turns out the communication was totally effective and well received. I am so impressed by the experience that I just want to spend more and more time connecting with my higher power! That’s a nice place to be.



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