Lesson 1, Revisted. Intimacy Can Heal Anything

I just revisited lesson one of If It Hurts, It Isn’t Love because I wasn’t sure I completed the exercise. I wrote about it and I thought about it, but I didn’t get the point of “I won’t let this come between us”.

Intimacy. In-to-me-see (writers on the subject love writing it this way). Connectedness. Oneness. Do I believe we are all one? Do I believe that relationships are forever on a psychic level? Do I really trust that the connection is there? Take a step back. Close my eyes. Feel the energy. The connection is there. That is the truth. The “problem” is all the illusions obscuring the truth.

Don’t quote me on this, but yesterday or the day before I had this thought, “Maybe this doesn’t all have to be so tragic. Maybe this work doesn’t have to be so hard or punishing.” No one has died. Any situation is only as terminal as we make it out to be in our minds. The possibility of transformation and miracle is always there. It really is just a question of willingness. Would I give up my willingness because someone else isn’t feeling their sense of willingness? Why would I do that to myself? Why would I do that to them?

“If the innate qualities and possibilities that every being carries should find expression, it needs a highway of uninhibited willingness, not the cage of unwillingness.” –Sadghuru

So, why would I “let this come between us”? It’s really just a question of willingness. Will I or won’t I? It really is up to me what I will or won’t let get in the way of my ability to give and receive love. If I believe that love is the only real truth, then everything else is illusion. Why would I then decide that one illusion is more real or important than another? That is just arbitrary judgment and mind games. Why would I allow any illusion be a deal breaker for love? Why would I choose to put up obstacles to love? Why would I “let this come between us”?

To not let a problem get between myself and another, or myself and love, is to invite Maya to tea. To not fear the problem, to not fear the illusions, to not fall into the trap of believing that they are the truth.

Chuck says in this lesson, “Do not let yourself be stopped by anything. Love is the thing that matters the most. Do not cheat yourself. Let joining give you the benefit of having the person as your ally, your partner, your friend, your loved one and, finally, the one who saves you.”


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