Lesson 10: To Recognize Bonding Is To Have Love, Forgiveness and Bliss

“Bonding is the natural state of things. We do not recreate it; we recognize that it is already there. In realizing this, we move through the illusion of separation and experience a sense of connection where we feel energized and supported; we feel the Source within.

By holding on to the misperception of separation, we lose an opportunity for healing, thereby creating a place of even greater pain and seeming separation.

One form of healing is simply to go back to the beginning o the perception of pain and reconnect with everyone. As full understanding takes place around the mistake of separation, it is replaced with the awareness of the bonding, and we experience love, a giving forth which is forgiveness and bliss.

Today, look at where you have seen distance and choose to see the real connections. You may have been looking only a the places of separation. Now look beyond those for the things you share with people; look for places where you are connected with people; look for places where you are connected with people and where you feel as one. As soon as you recognize one place where you feel connected, you will begin to see others.

Where there is a problem in a situation, think about what you share with others, because in that way you can begin to realize the connection, healing, love and bliss. You can begin to enjoy the abundance.” –Chuck Spezzano, PhD

* * * * * * * *

Once again, this is something that sounds like the truth to me, but also something that I have a hard time accessing experientially. I have on more than one occasion, popped into the truth of oneness and gotten the “joke”. And yet, still, I have a hard time feeling that it’s there and available to me at any time. I must have a very stubborn ego. Right now as I sit here, I just feel like crying. But I have to go to work! I swear, the system we have set up for ourselves is really not geared toward spiritual growth. Or maybe these are the circumstances through which I am to grow. Can I go to work today without stifling myself? Can I go to work today and stay connected to my self, my feelings? Can I feel myself and my feelings and process them quietly, without having to act them out?

Sometimes when I find the connections, it’s not all the way there. I get as far as seeing the connection that I am psychologically or emotionally separated from and then feel the pain of the separation. But I still don’t make it to feeling the connection that I can see! God, I feel like such a lost cause right now. Look at all the nonsense that goes through my brain! Look at my resistance! I really am allowing this situation to hold me back. This is very interesting. I’m going to sit with this for a while…


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