Lesson 14: To Have What I Want In A Relationship, I Keep Seeing and Feeling What I Want

“Our ability to imagine, see, feel, and even hear what we want in a relationship creates the fact. Our mind is a great creator. Often, in relationships where healing is taking place, we experience side effects that we do not wish, and things seem to get worse. When this is happening, if we keep in mind the healing we want and allow our self to feel and see it, we can help realize more quickly and easily what we want. By doing this, we remember what our goal, and the truth is; if it does not contain true greatness, it’s not the truth.

Today, your goal is to feel what it is that you want in your relationship. Now see what you want in your relationship. What is happening? Feel it and let it go. Hold no attachment to what you envision, but know you are programming your mind.This process is helping you to manifest and create the very situation that you want. Do not be afraid if things seem to get worse at first. Healing is simply taking place, and hidden poisons are coming to the surface. As they do, keep the vision you have for your relationship, sharing it whenever possible. This helps you move from where you are to where the healing happens.

Nothing can stop the power of your mind. Nothing can stop the truth, which has to do with joy, happiness, and love.” –Chuck Spezzano, PhD

* * * * * * *

I think the most reassuring part of this exercise is where he says, “don’t be afraid if things seem to get worse at first. Healing is simply taking place.” I feel like I should get this tattooed on my arm so in moments where I feel like everything is unraveling, I can remember. I fall into the illusions so easily. I flood, I lose trust, I panic, I assume the worst. I start to think I’ve done it all wrong, made terrible mistakes. All in an instant. I get scared. This is a really good exercise for me.


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