Lesson 18: Blessing Is The Antidote To Sacrifice

“When we are in positions of sacrifice, we feel unworthy. We do not feel good enough to be equal in the situation, so we feel we have to give up who we are and only do things for others.

Blessing is the opposite of sacrifice; it is our desire that things be good for the other person and the situation. Blessing says, “I have power. I can give in this situation, and my blessing will make the situation better. I don’t need to sacrifice myself. I can give forth a blessing.” By giving our energy, love, and best wishes that things be good, we change the situation. Where we felt we had given up on ourselves, we can begin to recognize our worth.

Today, dispense blessings to everyone, especially in situations where you are tempted to judge someone. Release your judgements, release all temptations to go into sacrifice, and bless everyone with whom you come into contact.

* * * * * * *

I woke up feeling so angry today and just filled with judgement! This is a good exercise for me, though rather challenging at the moment.

I’ve written the word “blessing” on  my hand, so that I will remember throughout the day to release my judgements and send blessing. This will free me.



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