Lesson 19: Bonding Is My True Reality

“We live in a world of illusion where we all seem separate. We are like islands in the sea; if the sea were removed, we would find one firmament, one land. In much the same way, each of us experiences ourself as separate, but in the deepest area of our mind there is only one mind. It is all Mind, the Mind of Love. Everyone who reaches enlightenment experiences all the world, all the Universe as one. Everyone who has glimpses of Heaven realizes that unity, union, and oneness are all truths of higher consciousness. This is why connection and moving aside the illusion of separation are the healing of the world.

Today, in the morning, take a moment to close your eyes. Imagine yourself as a little baby in your mother’s arms, with your father and your whole family looking down at you. Allow yourself to feel  how much they love you. Maybe there are things missing, like money or a nice home, but you are here and they feel grateful for your presence. Feel how much they love you in spite of what you think and believe. The feeling of their love and connection with you is bonding. Beneath illusion of pain awaits the truth of bonding. Let go of any feelings of separateness. Only feel how much they love you and want you.

In the evening, imagine you are being held in the arms of God. Let go of all your cares and worries, everything that has been on your mind, and let yourself be held like a little baby. Feel the connection of love between God and you. Feel that force surround you, the love moving through you and our into the entire world, creating a network of connection, a network of light. Feel yourself at home. There is nothing to do and no place to go. There is only you, the child, receiving all that love.


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