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Embodying Conscious Femininity (Link) Embodying Conscious Femininity invites you to explore and experience the frontiers of your unconscious in your own cellular being. Together Linda Kawer, LCSW and Sherry Wheaton, MD create a sacred space that offers a container of safety and trust. Based in the BodySoul Rhythm® method developed by renown Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman (Link) Embodying Conscious Femininity is a way of opening to and exploring the inner world. Through the symbolic language of Fairy Tales and dreams, through physical movement and creative expression, one creates an opening for new energies to emerge from the unconscious and old energies to shift and transform.

The Mankind Project (Link) The Mankind project is a collective of men from around the country who are looking to support and be supported through their process of moving from immature masculinity to mature masculinity. The Mankind project facilitates the New Warrior Adventure weekend intensives, in which men are guided through a symbolic initiation process, bringing them into understanding and contact with their true mature masculine power. As a continuation of the Men’s Movement, the material in founding father Robert Bly’s Iron John (Link) informs a good deal of the process and the rites of passage that are recreated. Other influential material includes Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Link).

Chuck & Lency Spezzano and the Psychology of Vision (Link to PoV) (Link to Chuck & Lency Spezzano) Psychology of Vision was founded by Chuck Spezzano PhD (psychology) and his wife, Lency Spezzano. Based on Jungian psychology and A Course In Miracles, their healing approach is based largely in concepts of collective consciousness. In their view, the world around us is a mirror to dynamics playing out within each of us. By owning and integrating (healing) what goes on within us, barriers against Self-realization are broken down and the abundance of an integrated, whole Self can unfold effortlessly, bringing us into connectedness, love, flow and peace.

A very important theme is letting go of our false beliefs about ourselves and negative self concepts. In their 30 years of experience, they’ve found that we tend to be disconnected from our authentic Selves due to the barriers we create to protect against heartbreak. The idea is that we live in roles as a compensation for hidden selves (shadows) that we mistakenly and ashamedly believe to be bad in some way and who we really are (i.e., “if anyone knew that I was really bad and worthless, then they would reject me and I would be alone or die, so I must keep up a front of being good”). But underneath those false negative self concepts is our authentic Self and access to Oneness. The roles and the shadows simply keep us cut off from connection with our authentic Self and, consequently, connection with others. The painful experience of separation that we are braced against then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is a compassionate model, holding that every problem is born of a mistaken belief that we were trying to protect ourselves from. Rather than judge or berate ourselves, we can simply forgive ourselves and others, correct the mistake and fall back into flow. In our largely faithless world, the biggest challenge is having faith  in the truth of our authentic Self, the real value of our essence, and that we are deserving (as opposed to entitled, which would be the attitude of a compensatory role) of love and joy.

Fascinating THREE CARD READINGS are available on the Psychology of Vision website (Link) and DAILY THEME CARDS are posted on Chuck & Lency Spezzano’s website (Link).


Robert Augustus Masters (Link) has a Ph.D. in Psychology and has worked since 1977 as a psychotherapist, group leader, bodyworker, and teacher of spiritual deepening practices, integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in his practice.  He is the author of eight books, including Divine Dynamite, Darkness Shining Wild, Spiritual Bypassing and Transformation Through Intimacy.  His essays have also appeared in magazines ranging from Magical Blend to the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, as well as in several anthologies. Masters does one-on-one therapy as well as group work and men’s group work. This website has a wealth of information. You can listen to radio interviews, read essays and also find Masters’ archive of newsletters. Masters is a strong, solid, brilliant and courageous thinker, speaker and writer.

Exceptional Marriage, Marcia & Brian Gleason (Link) Relationship as a wisdom path “There’s lots of options. You can meditate, study ancient spiritual texts, involve yourself in any number of mystical practices from tantra to Kundalini.  You can immerse yourself in intensive training programs such as Core Energetics, Radical Aliveness, Process Work, or study yoga, tai chi or Qi gong. The one option you may not have considered though is the highly intensive, radically evocative, omnipresent experience of a life fully shared. The committed relationship offers each person a golden opportunity to evolve, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Few of us stop to consider just how rife with potential our relationships are as a vehicle for personal development. But what if you were to look at your partnership in this light? What if you brought to it the same attitude your may have already exhibited for any of the above mentioned wisdom paths?” Marcia Gleanson, LCSW & Brian Gleason, LCSW bring over 30 years of experience to helping coupled and individuals access, understand, grow and evolve themselves, using relationship experiences as an invaluable barometer and mirror to the process.

Sadghuru Jaggi Vasudev (Link)“Sadhguru” means, one who comes from a deep inner experience, rather than a teaching or tradition. His deep understanding of life and beyond is not drawn from books or scriptures, but originates from within. An inspiring leader, a profound poet, a source of boundless energy, Sadhguru is an intriguing blend of ancient wisdom and modern insight. Dubbed “India’s most rational mystic,” he is a living paradox. Irreverent yet compassionate, rational yet esoteric, Sadhguru has guided millions of seekers on the path towards the Ultimate. “This life for me is an endeavor to help people experience and express their Divinity.”- Sadhguru


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