In my search through all the wise words, seeking some pathway to embodied Feminine, I’ve found that without my inner Masculine taking his proper place, I’m only half way there. I’ve dug around a bit to find places where men can put down the chains of Patriarchy that bind them so painfully and I haven’t found near the wealth I had anticipated. It seems the whole world thinks only the Feminine is endangered. But in a false world, trapped in roles and over identification with the ego, the Masculine suffers dearly. We are all both. As we can trust and allow the Feminine to take her rightful place, so too can the Masculine, and we can hopefully find that inner marriage, that inner harmony and then see it reflected without. This page has information, quotes, links and any powerful calls to embodied Masculinity that I’ve managed to find… Never doubt that we love and need you. All of you! Your glorious, full spectrum Being!

* * * * * * * 

Birthing the Man This is a powerful passage written by Robert Augustus Masters. Masters is an integral Psychologist who has been practicing for over 30 years. He leads couples workshops, group therapy and men’s groups, helping everyone to become fully intimate with themselves and thereby lead a free and fully expressed life.

“The feminine has been undervalued, which makes real partnership and intimacy difficult. It hampers success and stops our ability to receive. The paternalistic, exaggerated, dissociated masculine has been running the show in society. If nothing else, this makes our lives imbalanced. Valuing the feminine is the way to have our consciousness leap forward. The ability to receive and enjoy is crucial to partnership. It ends sacrifice, inauthenticity and religiosity. It heals competition and its hidden fear of success, and dissolves greed with bonding and abundance.”   ~Chuck Spezzano

“A man’s physical body and its various organs often carry the unconscious projections of emotional issues he needs to integrate into his awareness. These symptoms can lead him to a deeper level of communication with himself if he takes the symptoms as signs of a need to sacrifice the rigidities and narrowness of his conscious attitudes.” ~Dr.Loren E. Pederson

Sometimes you ask for her rage, unconsciously, with your behavior.  ~Michael Gurian, Mother’s Sons Lovers


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